A short comparison between my cheap (~60$) corset which I got just for fun and which turned out to give me almost no reduction at the waist, albeit being fully laced shut and quite uncomfortable, and my quite costly (~400$), made-to-measure corset which gives me a greater reduction (as I want to start waist-training) while being very comfortable and with much room for tighter lacing (not coming anywhere near closing it right now, though I have strong ambitions to get there someday. Wonderful 20in, I’m on my way :) )

My measurements today:

  1. 28 3/4 in (73cm) unlaced
  2. 27 1/4 in (69cm) in cheap corset ~ 4cm/ 1 1/2in reduction
  3. 25 1/2 in (64.8cm) in custom-made corset ~ 8.2cm/ 3 1/4in reduction with no training!

 So I just want to say, you get what you pay for! And if you aim to wear your corset more than just occasionally, the extra money is really well spent in a good-quality corset!

It’s not just the nicer figure and the more effective shaping, it is also the sturdier material, stronger bones, higher comfort while wearing it and probably the longer lifetime of the corset that you are paying for.

So if you want to waist train effectively, don’t force your body into a barrel-shape if you don’t really want that shape, but wait paitently and save your money until you can afford the “real deal” - it took me almost a year to save enough money to get my corset, as I am a student with very limited funds. But in the end, I am very glad that I did. :)